Grocery basket prices surge: How single women are adapting

Interestingly, a significant 90% of respondents relied on reward programmes and coupons to alleviate the strain of grocery costs. In-house brands have also emerged as a reliable alternative, providing a balance between quality and affordability. Brands like Checkers’ no-name brand gained popularity among 54.5% of respondents.

With retailers becoming more appealing to this consumer segment, brands like Shoprite, PicknPay, and Checkers have taken the lead in offering affordability and value. This shift in shopping preferences reflects the adaptability of these households to changing circumstances.


In light of Women’s Month, this study underscores the resilience and adaptability of single women-led households in the face of economic challenges. Despite the financial strains, these households continue to prioritise their families’ well-being, demonstrating unwavering commitment in uncertain times.


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Target: Single (unmarried/divorced/ widowed) women (aged 25+ years) households who live with dependents. Number of people surveyed = 100