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KLA has an Online Community offering that facilitates speed, agility and cost effectiveness without compromising on quality.

“To deliver the insight our clients need, we must embrace the latest in consumer tech and leverage leading tools and methodologies to not just reach people but communicate with them in relevant ways leading to more accurate insights and intelligence”

YourView is maintained and administered by KLA, that provides research services and insights to numerous South African companies, including blue chip clients in the financial services, telecommunications and FMCG industries.

KLA Panel Page ImageMain Diverse

Panel Overview

We have representation from all South African provinces and these are just some of the panel statistics gathered.
Once you have downloaded the PDF you will be able to view all the statistics and their corresponding information.

the current amount of people who use the panel.
of the panel is nationally representative of all ethnicities.
of our panel earns a personal income.
of the panel has a household income of between R2k – R8k.
of the panel is made up of youth.
of the panel is made up of 3 major provinces.
of the panel is made up of females.
of the panel is made up of males.

Quality Assurance Measures

  • Double opt-in
  • Email verification
  • Unique mobile number
  • Daily systems checks
  • Monthly account checks
  • In survey validations
  • Response monitoring

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