Top 10 Frozen Food

Top 10 frozen food

As lifestyles become busier, the need for fast and convenient solutions is more important than ever for consumers. For a while, frozen food has become a shortcut for home cooking, saving the time and effort needed for regular meals. KLA, in partnership with YouGov, has identified 10 facts about frozen food lovers that help our understanding of these consumers.

Target Audience for Frozen Foods

1. 43% of consumers fall within the age range of 25 to 34 years old. This means that young adults, who are either beginning their jobs or have new families, tend to buy frozen foods.

2. Additionally, 16% of consumers have a gross personal monthly income between R20,000 and R39,999. This indicates that frozen foods are an affordable choice, meeting the needs of customers who are careful about what they spend.

Consumer Perception of Advertising

3. In today’s digital age, traditional advertising channels may not always resonate with consumers. The market research study reveals that 62% of consumers in South Africa don’t trust advertisements on TV. This underscores the importance of adopting alternative marketing strategies to effectively reach and engage with the target audience.

4. Interestingly, 83% of consumers frequently comment on social media about adverts they have seen on billboards. This useful information shows that social media can be a good way to reach customers and keep them interested in the frozen food market.

Attitudes Towards Meat and Dairy Products

5. Consumer attitudes towards meat and dairy products play a significant role in shaping purchasing decisions. The study found that a staggering 73% of consumers in South Africa feel guilty when consuming meat and dairy products. This shift towards more conscious eating habits highlights the growing demand for vegetarian and vegan options in the frozen food market.

6. Furthermore, 93% of consumers believe that quality meat is too expensive. This idea gives frozen food stores a chance to create budget-friendly, top-notch options that appeal to what most consumers want.

Convenience and Buying Habits

7. Convenience is a key factor when it comes to frozen foods. The research shows that 58% of consumers prefer products they can cook or eat straight from the freezer, which saves them the time-consuming task of defrosting. This preference for quick and easy meal solutions underscores the importance of providing a wide range of convenience-focused frozen food options.

8. Moreover, 70% of consumers in South Africa prefer shopping “little and often” rather than making larger, less frequent trips. This buying habit resonates with the convenience-oriented lifestyle of many consumers, suggesting that retailers should focus on ensuring their frozen food products are easily accessible on a regular basis.

Top 3 Main Supermarkets for Frozen Foods

9. When it comes to purchasing frozen foods, three main supermarkets stand out in South Africa: Checkers,  Shoprite, and Pick n Pay. 

Top 3 Significantly More Visited Supermarkets

10. Apart from the main supermarkets, there are three additional supermarkets that see significantly more footfall in South Africa;  Food Lover’s Market,, and Discount Cash & Carry.

Conclusion and Future Trends

The market research case study has shed light on various aspects of the frozen food market in South Africa. With the growing popularity of frozen foods among consumers aged 25-34 and those on a moderate income, it is clear that affordability and convenience play vital roles in the purchasing decisions of South African consumers.

Moreover, the study revealed a shift in consumer attitudes towards meat and dairy products, with many feeling guilt and perceiving quality meat as expensive. This presents an opportunity for frozen food retailers to respond to the rising demand for vegetarian and vegan options that are both affordable and high in quality.

Overall, South Africa’s frozen food market is set to experience ongoing growth and innovation. As consumer preferences and behaviours evolve, it is essential for retailers to adapt by offering a diverse range of convenient, affordable, and high-quality frozen food products that cater to the needs of their target audience.


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Dataset:  2022-04-03

Population:  South African adults with access to the internet that definitely agree or tend to agree with all of the following statements: ‘’Frozen foods have fewer preservatives and additives’’, ‘’frozen foods offer better value for money than fresh food’’, ‘’I always stick to the same frozen brands’’, ‘’I tend to stock up on my favourite frozen foods when they are on sale’’

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