Effectively track
changing consumer perceptions and behaviours.

Effectively track
changing consumer perceptions and behaviours.

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Your consumers’ perceptions are constantly changing.

They’re being inundated with information and clutter and, because of this, they’re now demanding more. The modern consumer is sophisticated, powerful, and has increased expectations

You need more than traditional consumer profiling and research techniques.

Keeping up with your consumers’ brand perceptions and standing out from the crowd involves real-time brand and consumer understanding. This is why dynamic consumer research is vital to understand your current brand health and future-proof concepts based on existing and potential customers.

Traditional consumer profiling and research alone, just don’t cut it anymore… you need KLA’s always on brand expertise and insights.

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You need KLA’s always-on holistic approach to
brand insights

REAL-TIME Brand insights that inform everyday business strategic decision making.

Traditional brand monitoring is based on a periodic measurement that often entails face to face surveys and assumes a more stable market. But the current market is anything but stable.

While there is always a place for traditional brand monitoring models, there is an increasing need to supplement this by leveraging smart technology and the increasing online penetration of the South African consumer. To continuously stay up-to-date and fully agile, brands need an ALWAYS-ON MODEL to understand brand performance.

Get real-time audience insights
when they are still relevant.

We believe in doing more than simply tracking your brand health performance, but in developing holistic brand insight that informs everyday business strategic decision making.

KLA has partnered with YouGov to provide an always-on brand monitoring system that offers brand performance data, competitor data and relevant market and audience insights. In real-time.

This tool is about the ability to understand and deal with new and current situations. To win, you need to understand the situation today, not yesterday. And you need to understand it consistently.


Continously measure your brand health.

BrandIndex measures and evaluates your brand’s performance against key competitors across 16 metrics that cover the marketing funnel.

  • Data is collected daily on over 190 brands on a nationally representative sample.
  • Approximately 650 interviews per brand per month achieved.
  • Seven categories live, with growth opportunities for additional category creation.
  • BrandIndex covers several categories including: automotive, QSR, financial & insurance, clothing, retail and telecomms.


Find the audience that matters most to you.

A market segmentation and media planning tool that collects data daily on over 12 500 variables on the South African consumer. This tool allows for a deep market and brand understanding, helping brands know how to best retain their existing customers and attract new ones.

  • Identify what media channels matter most to your target audience
  • Bring a segmentation to life
  • Test hypotheses and size opportunities
  • Compare consumer segments across global markets
  • Bring greater depth to consumer profiling

Get brand insights that cut through the clutter

Let KLA help you cut through the clutter with our BrandIndex and Profiles tools. Get the brand and audience insight you need to make meaningful, relevant decisions for your brand and business.

Understand your audience on an ongoing, real-time basis.

Cater to your audiences emotions, needs and interests.

Go beyond traditional consumer profiling.

Put your consumer at the heart of your connection.

Understand consumer attitudes and behaviours.

Align with consumer values