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We Work with Top Local and International Partners.

Accessing brands and consumers in-the-moment

We’re part of the Global Partnerships Programme of YouGov, an international online research data and analytics technology group.

Together, we bring daily public perceptions tracking (YouGov BrandIndex) and media planning / segmentation solutions (YouGov Profiles) to brands with an African footprint.

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What Are You Getting Out of Your Marketing?

In Partnership with The Brand Experience Group.

Do you want to understand exactly what you are getting out of your marketing and communications spend? A Market Contact Audit (MCA) measures individuals’ engagement with brands across categories, channels and consumer touch-points. It answers questions in 3 key areas:

  • Which channels and touchpoints really matter in your category? Which influence consumers the most?
  • How effective is the placement of your marketing and communication activity and how can you improve? Where are your marketing efforts unproductive in driving relevant and meaningful reach?
  • How efficiently are you managing communication and achieving sales? How can the brand minimize wastage?
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Understanding What Matters to Your Customers.

In Partnership with SenseMaker® and More Beyond

Do you want to understand what really matters to your customers and make sense of their needs, attitudes and perceptions?

Sensemaker® is a unique methodology that delivers qualitative insight at scale. This approach is based on generating micro-narratives which provides rich qualitative texture at scale. In addition it uses respondents ‘self-signification’ to delve deeper into the key needs and dynamics that underpin the stories collected.

The quantitative scale of the study allows for statistical analysis to be applied to the data. This creates the ability to surface the relationship between the dynamics.

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