We get to the bottom of what people really think.

Things.  You.  Should.  Know.

We’re a diverse group of senior marketing, insights and data specialists; able to get to grips with different markets, consumers, and contexts – and the solutions they require.

At KLA, we get that meaningful work comes from authentic connections, and that collaboration is the bridge between goals and successes. Plus, we’re proudly independent, so we can work with top international and local partners.

Our clients experience us as responsive, connected, invested and able to execute with excellence. We’re authentic, ambitious and we operate with integrity, every time.

Our expertise, work and client base takes us across the African continent and sometimes, even further afield seeking consumer and brand insights.

About KLA
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We’re empowered to B-BBEE Level 2, with 100% female ownership. And we’re members of and accredited by professional bodies including SAMRA and ESOMAR.

Our Partners
  • YouGov
  • YourView Panel
  • Brand Experience Group
  • Masutane Consulting
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