We get insights you can get behind. We get what it means to be a trusted ally. We get that bottom lines & results matter.

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We’re a full-service market research agency known for taking on clients’ challenges and working alongside them to find solutions.

So, when your business needs intelligence that moves the needle, at KLA, we get it.

Over thirty years of operation, we’ve built:

  • Teams of multilingual interviewers and moderators spanning South Africa and Africa;
  • A blue-chip client list and a portfolio of work in which 80% is repeat business;
  • A worldwide network of expert strategic partners;
  • Cutting-edge digital platform capabilities and techniques;
  • A reputation that yields word-of-mouth recommendations from industry heavyweights.

Why Work With KLA?

We’re able to get to the bottom of what people really think. And why.

Access deep analytical and statistical expertise.

Leverage our diversity in perspective and disciplines.

Gain understanding via implicit and explicit research learnings.

Contextualise present-day insights and identify emergent trends.

Be inspired by renowned research experts.

What KLA can do for you

  • Consumer, category and market audits and understanding
  • Market segmentation and profiling
  • Idea generation and needs analysis
  • Innovation and product development
  • Pack, product, brand and communication evaluation
  • Brand health measurement and tracking
  • Marketing mix/touchpoint understanding

We get that there’s something bigger than data. That designing smart research means asking the right questions, to get insights your business can get behind.

After all, the world’s complex. Let us help your business navigate it.

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