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  • Top 10 – online shopping

Top 10 Facts – online shopping

7 Jun 2022|0 Comments

Top 10 facts – online shopping Methodology: Profiles:  Segmentation and media planning YouGov tool. Data is collected daily. YouGov Profiles makes it simple to find and understand the audience that matters most [...]

Top 10 frozen food

3 May 2022|0 Comments

Top 10 Frozen Food With an increase in busier lifestyles, the importance of quick and fast has become more valuable to the consumer than ever before.  For a long time now, frozen [...]

Top 10 takeaways

16 Mar 2022|0 Comments

What do takeaway lovers look like? Here are 10 facts about them. Have a look at our latest research and infographic from our YouGov Profiles continuous data too Methodology: Profiles: YouGov [...]

Gen Z and the food industry

17 Jan 2022|0 Comments

Gen Z and the food industry While Millennials have been the generation to monitor and analyse, Gen Z-ers are increasingly becoming a force to reckon with. While this generation is considered a [...]

  • Automation and AI: Is this our future?

Automation and AI: Is this our future?

15 Dec 2021|0 Comments

Automation and AI: Is this our future? YouGov International Technology Report 2021: Comparison of results 61% Think that artificial intelligence is just the next step in the evolution Emotions toward AI [...]