AD of the Month: FNB “the changeables”

FNB, one of South Africa’s big 5 banks, is enjoying great success with the launch of its’ #TheChangeables ad campaign. The Ad campaign promotes stories of South Africans who had the courage to change their lives during major global uncertainty. The campaign also promotes various product features and benefits that the bank has on offer.

What impact did the campaign have on customer reach?


The brand notes a significant increase in ad awareness from the 1st of July 2021, catching the attention of customers since its launch. The score rose from 28.2 to 39.8, an increase of 11.6 points over the month of June 2021. This increase not only supports the brands presence but also aids in gaining over competitors in terms of visibility, allowing the brand to close to the gap to its closest competitor, Capitec.


Over the same period, FNB noted a significant increase in its Buzz score, going from 34.4 to 45.6, a gain of 11.2 points. This noted increase demonstrates the positive word around the brand from the time of launch of the campaign, further speaking to its success within the market.


The observation is similar for value, where the brand gained 11.6 points, climbing from 28.2 to 39.8 from June 1st. In this regard, the campaign drove value for money messaging of the bank’s products. Over and above the significant increases noted above, the brands word of mouth and attention scores were positively impacted; testament to the success of the campaign in the market beyond reach metrics.


KLA’s Ad of the Month looks at advertising awareness across 5 categories (Banks, Insurance, clothing and footwear, food/ groceries and consumables, and QSR & Food delivery services) and over 140 brands via our BrandIndex live data platform to evaluate the best performing ad each month via the 16 metrics measured on a daily basis. The Ad of the Month is based on the brand achieving the highest level of ad awareness in a particular month, in combination with the performance of this brand across reach, resonance, and reaction metrics. In this regard, we are able to measure the success of brands advertising on a monthly basis.


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BrandIndex:  the real-time & continuous monitoring tool. In South Africa, more than 100 brands are assessed on a daily basis via our panel of approximately 28,700 respondents.

Advertising Awareness:  Which of the following brands in the universe [X] Have you seen an advertisement for in the past 2 weeks?

Buzz:  During the past two weeks, for which brands in the universe [X] have you seen, read, or heard something positive/negative (whether in the news, via an advertisement, on the internet, or in discussing with those around you)?

Value: Which of the following brands in the universe [X] do you think represents good/poor value for money?


Population:  South African adults with access to the internet

Period:  from 01 May 2021 to 30 June 2021

Moving average:  4 weeks

N ~ 570