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KLA, the exclusive partner for YouGov in the sub-Saharan region, has announced the release of the third set of results from the Quarterly Buzz. This unique evaluation measures the top brands according to public perception, recorded daily over a three-month period. The first Quarterly Buzz was unveiled in January 2023.

In the latest Quarterly Buzz results for Q2, the Food, Groceries, and Consumables sector continue to feature prominently in the top 10, with a total of six brands – an increase of two brands from the last quarter. New entrants, Spar and Food Lover’s Market, rank 9th and 10th respectively, showing significant improvement on the Buzz metric, along with notable achievements across the funnel.

Spar demonstrates a remarkable increase on nine of the tracked metrics, while Food Lover’s Market records significant improvement across eight metrics, particularly excelling in top funnel metrics such as Awareness, Ad Awareness, Buzz, and Attention. Meanwhile, Checkers remains in 3rd place, and Pick n Pay trends up, overtaking Woolworths Food to claim 2nd place.

Takealot (specifically the automotive department that includes the sale of car accessories) and Pick n Pay dominate this quarter. Takealot maintains its overall brand performance with substantial growth in Ad Awareness, Word of Mouth, Reputation, and Satisfaction perceptions. On the other hand, Pick n Pay exhibits significantly better Satisfaction perceptions in the market.

It’s important to highlight that while the previous quarter experienced notable declines among six of the top 10 brands on the Buzz metric, there is evident recovery in this quarter.

Sector specific results for Q2:

Sector-specific results for Q2 showcase a relatively stable top five within each sector, with a few new entrants across three of the seven sectors tracked. Notably, Caltex, Spur, and 1st for Women all enter at the 5th rank in their respective categories.

KLA’s Quarterly Buzz brand winners offer an overview of the current market landscape on the Buzz metric.

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